Romain Saiss cleared to play for Wolves despite being caught up in military coup

Saiss is back in the UK and ready to play for Wolves at Watford despite being caught in turmoil in Guinea over the international break whilst on duty with Morocco

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Romain Saiss is set to play for Wolves on Saturday just days after being caught up in gunfire from a military coup.

The defender captains Morocco who flew to Guinea last week for a World Cup qualifying clash.

But their squad were stunned to hear gunfire on the streets of Conakry, the capital.

Saiss, 31, has compared it to being in the ‘Call of Duty’ video game after soldiers appeared on TV claiming to have dissolved the government in attempted coup.

The Moroccan squad were trapped in their hotel as their match with Guinea was quickly suspended.

Saiss and his team-mates were later rushed to the airport and flown back to Morocco for their safety.

Romain Saiss was caught up in Guinea in a military coup while on international duty with Morocco


JAVIER SORIANO/AFP via Getty Images)

Saiss sent videos of the drama to Wolves ‘ stunned boss Bruno Lage back home in England.

Saiss said: “All day long, we saw cars full of armed soldiers at the bottom of our hotel, it was not war, but almost.

“We could hear gunshots, some players thought it was fireworks.

“We were then explained that a coup was carried out by special forces.

“We really became aware of the situation.

“From our windows, we could see soldiers running with some sort of rifle. We thought we were in Call of Duty.”

But despite the ordeal, Saiss has been back in training with Wolves this week and is ready to play at Watford.

Wolves boss Lage said: “He sent some videos from the hotel.

“You heard shots being fired.

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Wolves boss Lage has confirmed Saiss’ safe return and says he is ready to play for them on Saturday



“We were concerned but he said everything was OK and he arrived safely.

“It is not good when those kind of things happen but everything now is OK.

“It is not a problem.

“Nothing happened so you move on.

“He is fit and ready to play – he is a strong man and has a strong mentality.

“It is more dangerous for the strikers of the opponent’s team!”

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