Ronda Rousey praises Conor McGregor for X-rated Dustin Poirier rant

Ronda Rousey has praised Conor McGregor after his heated and crude rant at Dustin Poirier after their trilogy fight on Saturday night.

The UFC legend was impressed with the Irishman’s ability to sell a fourth fight with his rival, despite the fact that some of his language was particularly aggressive.

Many fans and pundits were disgusted by McGregor’s comments, which included an x-rated comment towards Poirier’s wife Jolie who was in the cage afterwards.

“I’m amazed that as soon as you hit the ground you were already promoting the next fight,” Rousey said in a tweet tagging McGregor after the event.

“I definitely wouldn’t have had the mind to do that. The other fighters, UFC and media are lucky to have you.”

McGregor’s heated interview with Joe Rogan came just seconds after he suffered a gruesome leg break, which required surgery and cost him the trilogy against Poirier.

Both fighters were interviewed after the bout, with McGregor and Poirier clearly still heated towards one another, and the Irishman threatening to kill Poirier and his wife “in his sleep”.

Ronda Rousey retired from MMA in 2016

“I was boxing the ears off him, kicking the legs off him,” McGregor shouted. “[It was the] usual s**** he dived to close the distance.

“This is not over! If I have to take this outside with him it’s on outside I don’t give a b*******.

“Your wife is in my DMs, hey baby hit me back up I’ll chat to you later on, I’ll be at the after party at the Wynn night club.

“You look in bits you little h**!”

With doctors tending to his gruesome injury in the cage, and Joe Rogan attempting to interview Poirier following his win, McGregor made a frightening threat to his rival and his wife, as can be seen in some new footage.

“In your sleep you’re getting it, in your sleep you’re dead, you and your Mrs, it ain’t over,” McGregor can be heard saying. “Be careful at the club mate.”

McGregor will now need to heal up from his injury, while Poirier moved on to fight for the undisputed lightweight title against Charles Oliveira later this year.

It is unknown when McGregor will return, but his management have confirmed that he plans to fight again despite the injury, which required surgery last night.

McGregor has said he is feeling “tremendous” post-surgery, and will reportedly jet off to Italy to holiday with fiancee Dee Devlin and his three kids Conor Jr, Croia and Rian.

Rousey was one of the top stars in the sport during McGregor’s peak, but retired in 2016 after losing to Holly Holm and Amanda Nunes in her final two fights by way of brutal knockout.

She is currently working on multiple businesses of her own, and is pregnant with her first child alongside husband UFC heavyweight Travis Browne.

The former bantamweight world champion had a successful career in WWE from 2018 to 2019, and has promised to return once her daughter is born.

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