Roy Keane sparks reaction from Sky Sports studio with Liverpool “excuse” remark

Roy Keane sparked laughter from the Sky Sports studio after pointing out the numerous “excuses” he says Liverpool have been making recently.

The former Manchester United midfielder listened as Micah Richards suggested fans not being at Anfield could benefit his former club Man City.

Anfield is known for being an intimidating, cauldron of noise, especially on big occasions.

But the coronavirus pandemic means one of the biggest fixtures of the Premier League season will be largely played in silence.

“The Liverpool fans are amazing at being the twelfth man,” said Richards on Sky Sports. “Going to Anfield is inspirational – if there is a time City can win, it is now.”

Roy Keane sparked laughter from the Sky Sports studio

Responding to the comment, Keane announced: “More excuses!” prompting laugher from Richards, Graeme Souness, and host David Jones.

Keane’s comment came after he’d already laid out the excuses he believes Liverpool have been making this season, as they attempt to defend their title.

“What we don’t want to hear from Liverpool either is excuses, there’s been plenty of excuses coming out of Liverpool over the last few weeks,” said Keane.

Keane believes Liverpool have been making too many "excuses" this season
Keane believes Liverpool have been making too many “excuses” this season

Sky Sports presenter Jones asked: “What like?”

Keane continued: “City have had an extra break, fixture pileup, there’s been plenty of excuses from [Klopp]. We’ve said from day one, injury problems of course, have affected them, but we could say that about Manchester City.

“Liverpool have done brilliant the last three years, they need a response today, football always gives you another opportunity, they need a big performance.

“Whatever about league titles, they need to turn up today, as I said no more excuses Liverpool. Huge expectations, the bottom line is they’ve not stepped up to the plate regarding the challenges that have come their way.

“Particularly from the backup players, they’ve not been good enough, they’ve not shown it so far. Do you want to use that must-win situation?

“I suppose that is the case if they think they can win the title.”

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