Serge Aurier leaves Tottenham’s stadium at half-time after Jose Mourinho bust-up

Tottenham defender Serge Aurier stormed out of the dressing room at half-time and left the stadium during half-time of Spurs’ 3-1 defeat to Liverpool, according to a number of reports.

Aurier was reportedly involved in a furious bust-up with Jose Mourinho during the interval at the new Tottenham Stadium.

The right-back was said to be furious with the way the head coach picked apart the first Liverpool goal, scored by Roberto Firmino.

Aurier, who started the game at right wing-back, was stationary as Sadio Mane sprinted in behind the Spurs back line and slotted the ball through to Firmino to tap in.

Tottenham ace Serge Aurier stormed out at half-time against Liverpool

Mourinho apparently gave the side a dressing down at half-time as he dissected the opener, and the Daily Mail and the Telegraph report there were “angry exchanges” between players.

Aurier was then withdrawn at the interval, and clearly didn’t take the news well as he left the stadium and went home.

Things were made worse for Spurs as Harry Kane failed to come out for the second half after suffering an ankle injury.

Roberto Firmino tapped in from close range after Sadio Mane skipped past Serge Aurier
Roberto Firmino tapped in from close range after Sadio Mane skipped past Serge Aurier

The striker was tackled by Thiago Alcantara during the opening period, and hobbled off clutching his left ankle.

And Mourinho conceded that the attitude in the dressing room at half-time was “not happy”, as he revealed players were left disgruntled.

“It’s the mood of a team that it’s difficult to accept you’re losing and it’s difficult to accept the nature of the goal because it’s in some aspects a replica of the occasion in the first minute that they had,” he said.

“So of course it’s a mood where people are not happy.

“But then we have to move and Harry injured and we need to try to do something.

“Unlucky in the second half that we start by conceding a goal immediately.”

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