Silverwood: ‘The longer Morgan stays England captain, the better’


hris Silverwood says Eoin Morgan’s determination to lead England at next year’s T20 World Cup was evident when he was already making plans for the tournament on the bus back to the hotel after their elimination by New Zealand on Wednesday.

Morgan expressed a desire to stay on as England’s white-ball captain for next year’s tournament in the aftermath of the frustrating defeat to New Zealand.

Silverwood supported that call, effectively saying that the ball is in Morgan’s court over when he moves on.

“It is,” he said when asked if Morgan’s words were “music to his ears”.

“He’s a very strong leader, and has been for many years now. I still think he’s got a lot of years in front of him that he can give to this team, and this team enjoy having him at the front. I think we are a stronger unit for it.

“We’ve seen that at stages in the tournament he has slipped down the order at times, let others put their mark on the game, make an impact on the game. I think that’s testament to what a good leader he is. For me, the longer he is there, the better.

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“We’ve seen his willingness to put other people in front of him so much in this tournament. He probably hasn’t got the runs he wanted, but the value he brings as a leader outweighs that, and that’s how I see it. What he brings to the team from a tactical point of view, a motivational point of view and from the way he gets all the players and staff to buy in behind him and to follow him… I think he brings so much more than just the batting.”

Silverwood said Morgan’s mind had already turned to planning for the tournament in Australia next year.

“He’s got to make that decision himself, I believe,” he said. “Morgs and I talk a lot, we are always chatting away. Even last night on the coach on the way back, his mind had already gone on to the next one, what do we need to do, what are we looking for. As soon as those conversations start, in my mind, that is it for us he’s in. He wants it, and he wants to lead. I think he will make his mind up when he’s ready.”

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