Simon Kerrod interview: Drawing is a great alternative to push ups


ike everyone else, Harlequins prop Simon Kerrod had to find some way to pass the time last year during lockdown.

Naturally, he used some of it to keep his 19-stone body in good shape, ready for when rugby returned, but that wasn’t his only pastime.

“I love drawing and graphic design, and that takes up a lot of time,” Kerrod tells Standard Sport.

“So, it was a good outlet for me – especially in lockdown when there is a lot of time and you can’t leave the house. 

“It’s nice to get a creative outlet as there are only so many push-ups you can do!”

The idea of Kerrod going from the blood and thunder of the scrum machine to the quiet and meticulous task of graphic design is an intriguing image. 

On the face of it, the two don’t really go together, but the 28-year-old has actually found his love of drawing has added balance to his life.

“One is really, really physical, but you need to keep the grey matter intact,” he says. “I think graphic design is a good outlet for that.

“I just kind of picked it up. I did art at school until my last year. I have always liked drawing, cars and motorbikes since I was very, very young. I wanted to be a car designer at one point.

“When I am just doing it on my own, I just do some logo design and a bit of photoshop, adding photos to graphics.”

As well as drawing, Kerrod killed time in lockdown by cooking and there his menu is a bit more akin to that of a powerful prop.

“I’d be cooking different types of burgers, couple of steak sandwiches with variations,” he explains. 

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