Sir Alex Ferguson on the secrets to signing top drawer players at Man Utd

Sir Alex Ferguson claims he used “instinct” to determine whether players would fit the Manchester United DNA.

The Scot worked with 100s of players during his 27-year tenure at Old Trafford.

His immense successful owed plenty to shrewd recruitment and selection which saw some of the world’s best players represent the Red Devils.

Ferguson took punts on maverick individuals like Eric Cantona but also unearthed gems like Cristiano Ronaldo.

The 79-year-old is also responsible for giving the Class of 92 their chance in the first team.

Ferguson was quizzed on his selection calls and was adamant that he went with what felt right.

Sir Alex Ferguson backed his own “instinct” when it came to selecting players

He told the United’s official website : “I believe in instinct. I had a good instinct about players and I had a good instinct about watching players who I maybe wanted to buy.

“I knew that, looking at certain players, I could see traits that told me they were Manchester United players, or Aberdeen players, or St Mirren players.

“I could see that in certain players I watched. Instinct was really important. Also on instinct, sometimes it’s picking the team.

The Scot signed a young, unknown Cristiano Ronaldo in 2003
The Scot signed a young, unknown Cristiano Ronaldo in 2003

“We’re playing certain teams and I’d have an instinct: ‘right, I’m not going to play certain players. I’ll play other players.’

“I wouldn’t say it’s intuition, I’d say it’s instinct.”

Ferguson has conceded that not every player he signed was a star, but he saw a determination that he knew would prove key.

“Some players I had were absolute natural footballers, with natural talent,” he said.

“But there were other players who shared my determination, who maybe weren’t the best players but they made themselves the best players, because they had something inside them too.”

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