Snowboarding icon James admits rival White’s ‘perfect’ score was frustrating

Australian snowboarder Scotty James has been very vocal against the awarding of perfect 100 scores, and with the Winter Olympics on the horizon his opinion on the matter has not changed

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Snowboarding star Scotty James’ is still frustrated by three-time Winter Olympic gold medallist Shaun White’s “perfect” 100 scores.

White scored a perfect 100 in the 2018 Toyota US Grand Prix, invoking significant controversy and frustration amongst many snowboarding competitors.

James, who won the bronze medal in the 2018 Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang, was one of the most high-profile Halfpipe stars to speak out against the perfect 100 score.

Nearly three years later, James does not hold a personal vendetta against the three-time Winter Olympic champion, but he still feels a “perfect 100” is not “realistic”.

“It’s not even necessarily about him specifically, I personally just don’t believe 100 is realistic in any sport,” said the Australian flag bearer, who was speaking on behalf of

Scotty James is still frustrated by White’s perfect scores

“I guess from a judges’ perspective it was on that day, the best that happened, which I understand and respect.

“But I still think we can always do something a bit better, and when I see 100 per cent it’s just like well your body movement, the vision of what you did, where the snowboard landed, the way it looked or anything, there literally was absolutely nothing wrong with it.

“I think it’s fair to say with all of us in anything, we all seek perfection but there’s always that one thing we could have done a little bit better, which obviously is great because it gives us something to work towards.”

White was first awarded a perfect 100 in the 2012 X games but has since recorded the illusive score to qualify for the 2018 Olympics.

It was in the latter event that James highlighted his dismay to the judges, who gave White the score-line.

The score was defended by head snowboard judge Matthew Jennings, who claimed the perfect total does not necessarily convey a perfect performance.

Should 100 always mean ‘perfect’ in winter sports? Comment below

White scored the ‘perfect’ 100 in 2018 at the 2018 US Grand Prix Aspen Snowmass

“It wasn’t a perfect run. It was a 100. Snowboarding isn’t gymnastics,” said Jennings in 2018.

“”Scotty came up to the judges afterward. He wasn’t mad he lost; he was disappointed we gave Shaun a 100. He thought it was bull****.”

The definitions of what a 100 scoreline constitutes are frequently debated in the snowboarding and world of winter sport, and James feels there needs to be more discussions.

“I would not have a problem having this discussion with somebody who scored 100 points because at the end of the day it’s an open discussion.

“No one is accusing anybody of anything, after-all it was not their choice to get 100, it’s down to six guys in a judging panel and they thought that’s what he got in that day.

“It’s just one of those things where some people believe in it and some don’t, and that is the luxury of life, we all have different opinions and that’s why we have controversy.

“We interpret what we think is perfection for the world and we put it all out there and let the rest happen.”

James has also emerged as one of the major superstars in the snowboarding Halfpipe event.

Scotty James will be looking to add the Winter Olympics gold medal to his impressive list of honours

He enjoyed a fabulous unbeaten streak between 2019 and 2020, where he set a new record for consecutive gold medals finishing as the highest rated competitor in snowboard world championships in China, Colorado, Utah, Aspen, and Laax Switzerland.

But he is yet to add Winter Olympic gold to his impressive collection and he feels ready to attack the 2022 games.

“I feel good, I feel confident, my preparation has been fantastic, but all we can do is do the best we can to prepare,” said James.

“There is a whole stack of competitors who are very credible and very good, the Japanese are a force who are always very talented.”

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