Southgate sure mature Bellingham could handle England Euros pressure

Bellingham has become a key player for Borussia Dortmund since moving to the Bundesliga from Birmingham last summer and Southgate has been “very impressed” by the way the midfielder has settled into the England squad both on and off the pitch.

Asked if he has seen the maturity in Bellingham to handle the scrutiny that will be on him at what is effectively a home tournament this summer, Southgate said: “Yeah, in fact I would say [it is] further advanced than his football even.

“I could not be more impressed with him as a human being. His parents have done a fantastic job and should be very proud. He has got humility, good manners, confidence, and a lovely way about him.

“There was a video that the FA released of some insights of his and I could not believe some of his interactions with some of the fans at Birmingham at the age of 16/17.

“Not many players have the confidence to get the fans going and roaring behind the team when they have just scored. I felt that was quite significant in showing the level of his thinking and also his comfort in putting himself out there to do that.

“I am very impressed with him. We have got to make sure we look after him, that we help that development. We have got to protect him at the right times. But he is going about it in exactly the right manner.”

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