This is a fearless England team unlike any we have seen for a lifetime

“They think it’s like this all the time.”

It most certainly is not. This is anything but normal. This is the stuff of the wildest of dreams, the stuff of legend for generations to come.

Drink it all in. Savour every delicious, euphoric moment and keep that feeling of indescribable elation in your heart, your belly, your mind for as long as you possibly can.

For those who have experienced all – or any – of the 55 years of hurt, the reality of what is happening to the national team is hard to comprehend.

For those who think this is normal, it should be just as sweet – it is just the reality of it may only be fully comprehended in the years to come.

Either way this is a moment of immense proportion for English football. The realisation of the most fantastical of dreams and – crucially – the promise of more to come.

A 2-1 extra time victory against Denmark puts England into their first final since 1966 and 90 minutes away from only the second trophy in their history.

But Gareth Southgate has laid the foundations of so much more.

This is a new England unlike any we have seen for a lifetime.

The score-line alone does not come close to describing what unfolded at Wembley in what was the confirmation of rebranded Three Lions, who may have changed the way the country regards the national team forever.

To put this achievement in context, consider where England were on that June night in 2016, the humiliation of defeat Iceland, and ask yourself where you thought they would be five years from then.

When the last vestiges of the so-called Golden Generation fought their last fight.

And – be honest – what your gut instinct was when Southgate – via the calamitously short stint of Sam Allardyce – was given responsibility to steer the ship?

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