Thor Bjornsson and Devon Larratt make ‘broken nose bet’ for boxing fight

Bjornsson and Larratt have both vowed to break each other’s noses, and have shaken hands on a bet surrounding the threat before their Dubai showdown on Saturday night

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Thor Bjornsson Predicts Round 1 Ko Of Devon Larratt

Thor Bjornsson has bet $5,000 that he will be able to break opponent Devon Larratt’s nose on Saturday night in Dubai.

The former world’s strongest man winner has vowed to severely hurt arm wrestling champion Larratt when the pair square off at the Sport Society in Dubai as part of a pay-per-view event.

Larratt has admitted he is a “terrible boxer”, but Bjornsson is also a novice, having only picked up the gloves about two years ago.

However, the Game of Thrones star has vowed to “beat his a***” and “probably break his nose”, to which Larratt offered a percentage of his purse if he manages to pull off the injury.

“What can I say to this guy?” Bjornsson asked at a press conference today. “I like him, but I’m going to beat his a***.

Thor Bjornsson and Devon Larratt shook hands on the bet



“I’m in a rough situation here, what can I do? I’ll probably break his nose, I’m sorry Devon it’s just my job.”

And Larratt responded, offering a slightly increased monetary reward should Bjornsson manage to break his nose, saying that he wouldn’t mind rocking the injury after Saturday night.

“You know Thor, if you break my nose I’ll personally take $500 of my prize money and give it to you,” Larratt joked. “I just don’t think it’s possible.

“And I think a broken nose would suit me well, it would up my popularity in the world.

“I think I’ll look better, more people will love me – you break it Thor, go break my nose, let’s see how it goes.

“But if I break your nose I expect you to give me $5,000 because you wear nicer clothes than me, I can get a suit like that next time we do this.”

Bjornsson, who is a ginormous 6’9″ heavyweight weighing around 350 lbs, has vowed to stop Larratt within one round, with the Canadian not disputing that he isn’t much of a fighter.

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The arm wrestling star and Canadian Armed Forces veteran has said that he can win, but likely only through a “cosmic punch”.

“I think stepping in, obviously Thor has more experience but I know that in a fight all you need is one lucky shot, so I need a cosmic punch right in the nose,” Larratt said. “Get ready for it, splat right in your face, right?

“That’s what everybody wants to see and I think if enough people in the universe will something to happen Thor’s nose is going to blow up regardless of how good I am as a fighter.”

Bjornsson was originally set to fight ex-world’s strongest man winner Eddie Hall in what was bileld as the ‘heaviest boxing match in history’.

But when Hall suffered a torn bicep that required surgery earlier this summer, he was forced to pivot to a new fight, with Larratt eventually signing up.

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