Thor Bjornsson calls for grabbling ‘rematch’ with UFC star Conor McGregor


The former world’s strongest man had an impromptu grappling match with McGregor back in 2015 while filming for Game of Thrones, but now has some fighting experience in the boxing ring

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Thor Bjornsson Explains Grappling Session With Conor Mcgregor

Thor Bjornsson is interested in testing himself in another grappling match with Conor McGregor.

The former world’s strongest man had an impromptu session on the mats with the UFC legend in 2015, when McGregor, who then was fighting at 145lbs, decided he would grapple with Bjornsson, who was just under three times that size.

The 5″9′ fighter threw some punches while using his speed to evade the power of his 6″9′ opponent, after the pair had initially just planned to pose for a photo during a break from Bjornsson’s filming for Game of Thrones .

And the Reign Total Body Fuel ambassador who is currently preparing for a boxing match with Devon Larratt, has said that if he were up for it, he would gladly ‘rematch’ McGregor.

“That happened when I was filming for Game of Thrones in Belfast,” Bjornsson told Mirror Fighting . “I had two days off so I decided to go to his town and see his training sessions.

McGregor and Bjornsson had a “grappling match” in 2015



“I knew his training partner Gunnar Nelson and decided to go and hang out with him, watch the session and so on.

“After the session we’re taking pictures, me and Conor, and when two guys like myself and Conor McGregor meet something just happens, it’s in the environment.

“We’re two alpha males, and we just had to grapple, we just started, and it had to happen – it wasn’t planned.”

The Icelandic TV star and strongman says that what was seen in footage that went viral after being posted to TheMacLife was the extent of their session, with McGregor having just completed a full set of training rounds.

“If you watch the video again I have jeans and socks on, it just happened and that footage that went online is unedited, that’s the whole thing.

“I wasn’t warmed up or anything, what you saw is what happened,” he continued. “If he wants to grapple again, I’d do it.”

McGregor would later claim to have “folded up” Bjornsson, although the footage appeared to instead show him simply putting an end to the exchange.

Should Conor McGregor grapple with Thor Bjornsson again? Let us know in the comments section!

And the record-breaking strongman has now dropped a considerable amount of weight as he prepares to face arm wrestler Larratt in a boxing match on Saturday night in Dubai.

He was set to take on fellow strongman Eddie Hall, but the Brit had to pull out with an injury from the event, and will now make his boxing bow in 2022.

In preparation for his first amateur boxing match, Bjornsson has taken exhibition bouts with legitimate professionals like Simon Valilly and Steven Ward.

He’s held his own in those match-ups, although they were essentially glorified sparring sessions to help him to prepare for his bout with Larratt.

Hafthor Bjornsson is a Reign ambassador and will fight Devon Larratt on September 18. #ReadyToReign.

Follow them on Instagram at @reignbodyfueleurope @reignbodyfuel or Facebook @reignbodyfuel for more details.

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