Thor Bjornsson sends message to rival Eddie Hall after win over Devon Larratt

Bjornsson defeated Devon Larratt with a routine opening round stoppage victory in Dubai, and has now called out Eddie Hall for a rescheduled clash after he was forced to withdraw through injury

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Thor Bjornsson Is Open To Fighting Mike Tyson Or Tyson Fury

Thor Bjornsson made it clear he only has eyes for Eddie Hall after stopping Devon Larratt inside a round.

‘The Mountain’ was simply too powerful for his arm-wrestling champion opponent on the night, with the referee seeing no option but to call off the contest after sustained pressure from the Icelandic fighter.

Bjornsson had been due to fight Hall on Saturday night but his strongman rival suffered a detached bicep forcing him to withdraw.

And now the 32-year-old has sent a stoppage warning to Hall as they prepare to do battle in Bjornsson’s next fight.

“You guys know who I want to fight, come on who is it?,” Bjornsson said after the fight.

“I know he is at home chilling on the sofa with his popcorn and cola, enjoy your life buddy I am gonna knock you out soon.

Thor Bjornsson called out Eddie Hall

“I just appreciate the opportunity so much, thanks so much you guys are amazing, I love competing and I have huge respect for this sport, and it is the hardest sport I have tried but I loved it.”

Bjornsson was the dominant fighter from the opening bell in his contest with Larratt in a clear mismatch, with the arm-wrestler cowering from his opponent’s attacks.

But his bravery was commended by his opponent, and himself being adamant he would return to the boxing ring again.

“I wish I could have done better. I have tons of respect for this boxing game, clearly I suck but wow, what a trip, man,” Larratt said after the fight. “To be in the ring with Thor, it’s totally on my bucket list.

“To be able to step into this arena in this format. In the real world Thor could have killed me today but we had the gloves on and we can do it again another day and get stronger.

“I loved it. I knew I was under-prepared but I knew the fight would be a lot of fun. I know that there is an arm wrestler out there who is a superior boxer out there – please take vengeance on Thor for me.”

Elsehwere on the card, familiar heavyweight Martin Bakole also recorded a routine stoppage victory against out-of-shape opponent Haruna Osumanu.

And the co-main event was won by Jacob Heppner who defeated Josh Bridges in the battle of the CrossFit athletes in Dubai.

Bjornsson faces a range of options as he continues his pursuit of a boxing career, with his most-likely opponent clearly fellow strongman Hall.

But the Icelandic athlete has also revealed he is open to the possibility of facing heavyweight legend Mike Tyson in the future.

“I was asked the question if I would fight Mike Tyson,” Bjornsson told Mirror Fighting . “And my answer was that I would not say no to that offer.

“This is because of the respect that I have for Mike as a fighter and as an athlete, and I would want to feel his power.

“I would want to step in the ring with him because to be able to tell people that I fought Mike Tyson would be an honour.

“I’m all about experiences, living your life and taking the right opportunities, and if I was offered to fight Mike Tyson then that would be huge for me.”

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