Tokyo Olympics will go ahead no matter what, says games chief

Despite this, the chair of the games’ co-ordination commission, John Coates, expressed confidence that even if measures are not lifted by the time the Games are due to open it will not affect the event being staged.

The rescheduled Olympics – which will retain the “Tokyo 2020” name – has now been scheduled for July 23 to August 8.

“We’ve successfully seen five sports hold their test events during the state of emergency,” he said at a Tokyo 2020 briefing on Friday.

“All of the plans that we have in place to protect the safety and security of athletes and the people of Japan are based around the worst possible circumstances, so the answer (to whether a Games could take place during a state of emergency) is absolutely yes,” he added.

Mr Coates went on to say: “The advice we have got from the World Health Organisation and all of the scientific advice is that all the measures we have outlined in the playbook, all those measures are satisfactory to ensure a safe and secure Games in terms of health, and that’s whether there is a state of emergency or not.”

He was also asked about a series of negative opinion polls among Japanese residents, many of whom are still calling for the Games to be cancelled amid the global health crisis.

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