Tommy Fury sends angry message to Jake Paul after Floyd Mayweather confrontation

Tommy Fury has told Jake Paul that he’d have his nose and jaw broken if he stole his hat following the YouTubers incident with Floyd Mayweather.

Jake’s brother, Logan, will take on the boxing superstar in June and now he wants a piece of the action.

He squared off with the undefeated fighter and, following a verbal exchange, stole his hat which resulted in a physical confrontation.

Fury has been touted as a possible opponent for Paul, who recently saw off former UFC champion Ben Askren.

And the 22-year-old has vowed to give him the worst beating he’s ever had whilst taking aim at his boxing credentials.

Tommy Fury has accused Jake Paul of being scared to face him

He told Queensbury Promotions : “If Jake Paul tried to take my cap I’d break his jaw and nose on sight. He’d have no teeth left. I’d knock them straight down his throat.

“I’d run after him and give him the worst beating he has had in his life and see what the YouTuber thinks then.

“Floyd is a good businessman and one of the best fighters ever. He can’t be giving his full mindset to Jake Paul, a YouTuber.

“But, If I was in Mayweather’s position and someone came to my event and started playing up they’d be getting it, cameras or no cameras.

“My last opponent Scott Williams would take Jake Paul out of there in two rounds. He is an actual fighting man, fighting all his life and knows what it is like to take a crack.”

The YouTuber squared off with Floyd Mayweather
The YouTuber squared off with Floyd Mayweather

Fury will be in Miami next week meaning he will be just miles from Paul.

The Brit, who is undefeated so far as a professional, doesn’t expect to see the YouTuber who he claims is scared of him.

He added: “Our paths haven’t crossed because the man is s**t scared. If you’re very intimidated by somebody you’re not going to cross their paths — you’re going to stay 100 miles plus away from them.

“He most probably knows my location, written on a piece of paper X, X, X and said to himself; ’Can’t go there. It’s out of bounds for the next two weeks.’”

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