Tottenham Supporters’ Trust asks FSA to mediate talks with club board


he Tottenham Hotspur Supporters’ Trust (THST) has asked the Football Supporters’ Association to mediate talks with the club’s board after what it called a “serious breach of trust” in the move to join the European Super League.

The Supporters’ Trust has called on Spurs’ executive board to resign in the wake of the short-lived project, saying their actions had caused self-inflicted damage on the club both reputationally and financially.

The Trust said the club had previously lied about its intentions regarding a Super League, which has led to a breakdown in relations with supporters.

A statement said: “Having been unable to reach an agreement with the club on how talks should be conducted, we have approached the Football Supporters’ Association to mediate.

“The FSA has put forward a basis for mediation, and we have accepted that. We are waiting to hear whether the club accepts it.”

Earlier this week, the Trust set out a six-point agenda of issues it wanted to discuss with the board, starting by calling on the club to acknowledge a mistake in seeking to join the breakaway project.

The Trust also wants to see independent directors appointed to “protect and promote the interests of THFC as a football club, not its shareholders or owners”.

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