Tuchel laments Chelsea’s attitude and lack of ‘basics’ after Zenit snatch draw

Tuchel accused his players of lacking concentration and effort after twice allowing leads to slip and made no secret of his frustration as Chelsea’s recent slump continued.

The German has already seen his side slip from first to third in the Premier League after dropping five points in three games – and after Saturday’s 3-2 defeat to West Ham, he hit out at another sloppy performance.

“Maybe we are forgetting why we are the better team because of the investment, the concentration, the level of physical investment was not high enough to be the better team,” he said.

“Once this drops, once we start managing results, we get punished. It happened at West Ham and today. But the reaction was again good and that shows me that it is not about what we can do, because we can do it.

“My analysis is very clear. Our behaviour changes when we have a lead and this is something we never did and should never do. We do the things we want to do at the highest level and we push ourselves until it hurts and it has to hurt.

“You have to be tired at half-time and fully tired. You have to play through physical pain and raise your level of concentration and overcome adversity. Without all this, if you change your behaviour because of a result, you allow the possibility to be punished.

“If you are unlucky enough, like we are at the moment, then it can happen to you. The challenge is to close the door and minimise the possibility. It is very easy, we need a higher level of sprints, a higher level of running, intensity and concentration level.

“It is the basics and the basics need to be pushed onto a higher level while we are in the lead. It cannot drop just because we are in the lead and this is what is happening right now to us. It’s not the big picture, but it is what it is.”

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