Tuchel sends warning Chelsea stars after drawing Porto in Champions League

Thomas Tuchel has warned Chelsea must not consider themselves favourites to beat Porto – or they could crash out of the Champions League.

Porto caused a major upset in the last round by knocking out Italian giants Juventus and Tuchel has warned they must not suffer the same fate.

Chelsea boss Tuchel said: “Clearly, people might make us the favourites against Porto but that won’t help us because you can ask them in Turin for their opinion and whether it helps or not.

“But we are self confident, we can be confident because we are strongly connected with our performances and feel a strong opponent but now we are in a quarter final and the only thing we focus on is to reach a semi final.

Thomas Tuchel has warned his Chelsea team

“First of all I’m happy that we play an international game and not against an English team, because the Champions League is about that, I always prefer to play against teams from other counties.

“Then we have the second leg at home which feels good, maybe that’s the slight advantage to finish at home.

“We are self confident, and that is strongly connected with our performances. And we are confident that we face a strong opponent, that face with all the respect, but now we are in the quarter final and we think about how to win it.

“Our only focus is how to reach the semi final, and we are self confident enough that we see our chances.”

Porto boss Sérgio Conceição says Chelsea will be an “extremely difficult” test for his players in the quarter finals.

He said: “I didn’t speak to the players [about the draw] yet, I was not with them during the draw. After that we went training, we analyze some videos and went to the training field.

“Regardless of the opponent it would always be an extremely difficult task. And It will be. The best teams in Europa are in the quarter finals, matches will be well played and hard matches for all [teams].”

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