Tuchel’s Champions League contract clause as Chelsea boss gets family support

Thomas Tuchel has triggered a new contract by winning the Champions League – and revealed he is laying down roots in London.

Chelsea boss Tuchel only signed an 18 month deal when he took over at Stamford Bridge in January and his family have yet to move across from Germany to join him.

However, Tuchel’s £7m-a-year contract included bonuses and incentives with an extension kicking in automatically if they won the European Cup or Premier League in his first season.

Tuchel is now reaping the rewards and he will get another year with Chelsea also likely to look at renegotiating again after their remarkable Champions League success.

Thomas Tuchel has triggered a new contract with Chelsea after winning the Champions League

Tuchel said: “I think that I have a clause that makes my contract a bit longer if I win the League or the Champions League. I’m not 100 per cent sure, but my manager said it some weeks ago, but I didn’t check.

“I said ‘well let’s talk when it’s really the case’. Let’s check this. We all know that even if we have a longer contract, there are no doubts I want to stay and it’s even not the most important thing.

“If I have a one year contract I will work in the same way like if I have a three or four year contract.

“It will change so much because I demand a lot from myself and it will not affect my input and my energy. I’m very happy to be here, it’s a fantastic beginning and we go now for the next one.”

Tuchel also revealed that he is moving his wife and two children – who he celebrated with on the pitch in Porto after the Champions League victory – to London and they will move into a new family home in July.

But Tuchel said he was determined to celebrate with his family as they have all made “sacrifices” after his move to Chelsea in January.

Tuchel met Blues owner Roman Abramovich for the first time in the final
Tuchel met Blues owner Roman Abramovich for the first time in the final

Tuchel added: “We will get a house in the middle of July, so when I come this is almost ready when we restart and then we go to Dublin I think for a training camp and after that I will move into a house. And my family will come over in August and, of course, this is a huge part.

“Yeah it felt like also sacrifice, it was in some ways also good to have the full concentration and the full focus during this crazy time with corona and Brexit, and kids in school, that we don’t have to balance everything. But it was a lot for also them and now to have them on the pitch felt like a big reward.”

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