Tyron Woodley’s Jake Paul tattoo fails to meet YouTube star’s conditions

Woodley got the “I love Jake Paul tattoo” on his middle finger, but it might not be enough to set up a rematch against the internet star Paul

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Jake Paul beats former UFC champion Tyron Woodley

Tyron Woodley has had “I love Jake Paul ” tattooed on his middle finger – but it doesn’t meet the guidelines Paul set out for the former UFC champion.

Paul and Woodley agreed the loser of their fight last month – which Paul won by split decision – would get a tattoo of the winner’s name.

Woodley refused to get the new ink after the fight unless Paul sent him a contract for a second fight, which the two shook hands on in the ring.

And almost a month on from their meeting in the ring, Woodley posted a picture of the tattoo on his Instagram account.

He wrote: “I love you son. Now come and get this ass whippin cause i heard you been talking back to your elders.”

Woodley shows off his new tattoo



But if Woodley is hoping his new ink will secure him a second fight with Paul, he might be in for a surprise.

Paul revealed last month the guidelines Woodley’s tattoo must follow, writing on social media: “Tyron’s tattoo guidelines: 1. 3×2 inches at least. 2. Can’t get it covered. 3. Permanent. 4. Must post on social media. 5. Has to be visible with shorts and shirt.”

Whilst Woodley’s finger tattoo seems to tick most of those boxes, it seemingly falls short of the “3×2 inches” requirement Paul stated.

Paul flew in ‘Tatu Baby’ to ink Woodley after their fight, but Woodley claimed the famous tattoo artist never turned up after waiting for her in the locker room.

The former UFC star hinted last week he would get the tattoo on his hand, telling Ariel Helwani: “I think the most sensible thing to do is run it back. I think I’m getting this tattoo Saturday by the way.

“Not neck, not face. I should have put it across my f****** knuckles. To me it’s like this, if a dude wants to pay me to whip his a**, since he ‘paid me and promoted the fight’, then I love you.”

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But Paul says he’s past fighting MMA fighters such as Woodley and Ben Askren, instead targeting fights against “actual boxers”.

He told ‘ Full Send ‘ podcast: “I’ve been the favourite, so now I almost want to go into a fight where it’s like ‘there’s no way he’s going to do this.’

“I just want to keep proving people wrong because I could take a social media influencer and fight them right now and make a decent bag. It’s just a tough sell because I did all of that.

“As long as I’m having fun with it, trolling and making myself laugh and it’s authentic to what I want to say and believe. I’m not going to do something that gets myself killed, but also I’ll toe that line and mess with these guys.”

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