Tyson Fury blamed for not terminating Deontay Wilder contract

Tyson Fury has been accused of not terminating his contract with Deontay Wilder when he had the chance – costing him a chance at Anthony Joshua and the unified heavyweight title.

Matchroom Boxing boss Eddie Hearn has blamed Fury and his promotional team that includes Bob Arum and Frank Warren for not ending the deal in December of last year after the trilogy fight wasn’t made.

Ultimately, an arbitration ruling found in favour of Wilder and a third fight was ordered between the two rivals, which cost Fury and Joshua a minimum of £110million for their planned August 14 bout.

Speaking to IFLTV, Hearn admitted that the whole situation had left him ‘p***ed off’, and questioning the choices Fury’s team had made to lead to this point.

“What sort of ruling is that from an arbitrator?” He asked. “To order a rematch with a specific date?

Tyson Fury signed his contract for the July 24 fight with Deontay Wilder on Saturday

“And then when the arbitration ruling comes through, you clearly see that Top Rank had the ability to terminate the contract with Deontay Wilder back in December.

“But the fact is, they didn’t terminate, they kept planning the fight, they kept talking to [Wilder’s promoters] PBC – the whole thing absolutely stinks.

“AJ feels that Fury never wanted to fight, that Fury was just using his name for clout. I think there’s a very valid argument for that.

“I’d like to believe that Tyson Fury wants this fight, and wanted this fight, and basically was just f***** by others.”

Arum has claimed that the Joshua fight can still happen in November or December, assuming Fury beats Wilder and Joshua wins his fight with mandatory challenger Oleksandr Usyk later in the summer.

But Hearn believes that ‘no effort’ was made on Fury’s end to keep the mega money Joshua fight alive once the ruling came in.

He added: “Team Fury made absolutely zero attempt to try and save the Anthony Joshua fight. Zero attempt.

“I don’t believe there was even a conversation, I don’t believe there was an offer, I don’t believe anything.

“This is another reason why the whole thing stinks. Bob Arum is aware of the work that has gone in to make this fight.

“And to just call up and say, ‘I can’t believe it, it’s preposterous…and we’re just going to go ahead with the Wilder fight, so cheers mate, thanks for everything and we’ll catch up soon’.

“If this was me in that case, I would have done absolutely everything I could to save this fight, they didn’t try one thing, and that also sits on Tyson Fury, because he didn’t try and do one thing either.”

“There’s nothing I can do about it because as I said leading up to this fight, the only thing I can’t control is their team.

“But where are your b******* Tyson Fury? If you really wanted this AJ fight, you have not said anything negative about this situation.”

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