Tyson Fury boasted Tommy could beat Jake Paul with broken rib before withdrawal

Fury had previously boasted that his brother could beat Paul with a whole host of injuries, which has now backfired after his brother Tommy withdrew from the contest with a broken rib and a chest infection

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Jake Paul confirms Tommy Fury has pulled out of December fight

Tyson Fury’s boasted that Tommy could beat Jake Paul with a broken rib – days before his brother pulled out with that exact injury.

Less than two weeks from their grudge match, Fury has been forced to withdraw from his bout with Paul as a result of a chest infection and a broken rib.

The British star will now be out of action for several weeks while he recovers and faces the prospect of missing out on a payday.

Fury’s brother Tyson had said: “Tommy looked terrible on purpose so he could get this fight, that is what clever people do.

“Tommy could have his worst night ever and still beat Jake Paul. He could probably turn up with broken ribs, a broken left hand, two left feet, his clothes on back to front and a flue and he would still beat him. That is how confident I am that he can beat Jake Paul.”

Tyson Fury was extremely confident of his brother Tommy defeating Jake Paul



However his prediction has now met it’s awkward match with Fury suffering a broken rib in the build-up to his proposed showdown with Paul.

Fury was confident along with his sibling and father John that the contest would be an easy outing in an attempt to end Paul’s short YouTube boxing career.

Many expected the pressure from his family to potentially provide an issue for the young star who was yet to face any significant test during the early stages of his blossoming career.

But he will now miss out on the payday with Paul’s former opponent Tyron Woodley set to fill his shoes in a late replacement rematch later this month.

Paul had previously involved the heavyweight champion in the build-up to the fight, after the ‘Gypsy King’ was shown to be sending him audio messages threatening the outcome of the fight.

Would Tommy Fury have beaten Jake Paul if the pair met this month? Let us know in the comments section below

In a heated press conference, Fury’s brother Tyson largely remained quiet but did brand Paul a “w*****” after his insults.

The American star also claimed that Fury should donate his purse to his heavyweight champion brother who was seemingly “promoting” the fight.

“I think Tyson should be paid Tommy’s purse because he’s promoting the fight more than Tommy is,” Paul said.

“It’s nice to have somebody on the other side of the promotion who actually has a following because I’ve been promoting all of these fights by myself. Finally Tyson Fury steps up to the plate and does some promoting.

“I’m sick and tired of carrying promotions by myself so thank you Tyson, I tip my hat to you. But I’m going to steal all of your fans. I’m going to knock out your brother and be on my merry way.

“Another payday. Another speed bump on the way to becoming a world champion and the biggest prizefighter in the world.”

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