Tyson Fury contradicts himself over Anthony Joshua fight after “12 pints” claim

Tyson Fury insisted he has abandoned training for his fight with Anthony Joshua – then claimed he sparred yesterday.

Fury said earlier this week that he had stopped preparing for an undisputed clash with Joshua and was drinking 12 pints a day.

He also claimed to have stopped eating and that his sole source of ‘nutrition’ was from his heavy intake of lager.

And when asked to expand on his new habit, Fury initially doubled down before contradicting himself.

“I’m not training anymore, I’ve packed it in,” he said. “I hadn’t stopped training since December 2017 and even after the world title fights I still went running 10 miles the next day.

“I’m having some time away from the game at the moment, I’ve been ready to fight since I beat Deontay Wilder last year.

Tyson Fury is on the wind-up

“I’ve had no success in trying to get a fight, it’s not just down to Covid, there’s been a lot of stuff going on.

“I’m just concentrating on getting my 10 packs of Stella to 12 every day. I’m not really eating through the day so I make up for the calories in the night time.”

But when asked when he last sparred, Fury said: “Yesterday.”

And he admitted: “You never know when I’m telling the truth because when I tell the truth people don’t believe me anyway.

“The proof is in the pudding and everything I’ve said in my career I’ve backed up.”

Fury’s antics also contradict the message from promoters Eddie Hearn and Bob Arum who insist contracts will be signed soon.

And Hearn reiterated that an announcement can be expected early next week.

“AJ just wants to knock Tyson Fury out,” he said. “He just wants to be undisputed.

“I think we are days away – I know I have said that two and five weeks ago – but we are days away from giving everyone some good news.

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“The contracts are going round for everyone’s signature, so we are nearly there.

“The next process is securing the venue and the site deal. Saudi Arabia 100 per cent want to hold the fight, but they are one of six or seven we have whittled it down to and who we are continuing talks with.”

Fury and Joshua agreed a 50-50 split last summer and the final details were then ironed out last month.

But while Fury claimed to be in the dark about the fight, he also insisted he will take care of his fellow British world champion when the time comes.

“I’m looking for a challenge,” he added. “I’ve been searching the world for 13 years to find a man who can better me and i just cant find him.

“Even when I go away on away soil and give all the odds away, they still can’t beat me.

“I only need six or seven weeks of training for these bums – I could drink 14 pints of beer and still give Anthony Joshua a hiding.

“I don’t need no big sparring partners for a methodical body-building-type guy.”

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