UEFA boss Ceferin explains UEFA’s problem with Champions League semi-finals

UEFA president Aleksander Ceferin has assessed the likelihood of next week’s Champions League semi-final between Real Madrid and Chelsea taking place.

The two clubs were among the 12 founding members of the European Super League although the Blues subsequently pulled out alongside all other five Premier League clubs.

However, Spanish champions Madrid are one of the four clubs – alongside Barcelona, Juventus and AC Milan – who have not yet announced their withdrawal from the project, of which their president Florentino Perez is the chairman.

The Super League proposals had led to suggestions those clubs could be excluded from European competition as early as this season; Manchester City are in the other semi-final tie while Manchester United and Arsenal are in the last four of the Europa League.

Aleksander Ceferin feels the Champions League semi-finals are still likely to go ahead

However, the boss of UEFA has now explained that – whilst there is a “small possibility” that the games may be cancelled – the nature of the TV deals make that unlikely.

Ceferin told the TV channel 24UR in his native Slovenia, as per the Mail : “The key is that this season has already started, so broadcasters would come at us for damages if we don’t play the semi-finals.

“So, there’s a relatively small possibility that this match isn’t played next week. But, things could be a little different in the future.”

Ceferin also tackled the issue of Madrid president Perez claiming that he would never want to have a UEFA president like the Slovenian.

Ceferin responded: “Well, that’s more incentive for me to stay.

“He wants a president who obeys whatever he says, who listens to him and who does what he thinks. I do what I think is good for European and world football.”

Despite the Super League project seemingly falling apart, there is still a great deal of uncertainty about the possible ramifications for the clubs involved and if the plans will be revived.

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