UEFA motion to remove Spanish judge from Super League case

A court in Madrid ruled that UEFA should not punish the three remaining clubs, and European football’s governing body last night abandoned legal action against them.

But UEFA this morning filed a motion to remove the judge, Manuel Ruiz de Lara, from the court case, which could lead to disciplinary action restarting.

UEFA have also filed an appeal with the higher court of appeal in Madrid.

In a statement this morning, UEFA said: “[We have] filed a motion for the recusal of the judge presiding over the proceedings as we believe there are significant irregularities in these proceedings. In line with Spanish law, UEFA fully expect the judge in question to immediately stand aside.”

While UEFA attempt to punish Barcelona, Madrid and Juventus, they will not ask Chelsea, Tottenham, Arsenal and the other clubs involved in plotting the Super League to honour a €15million goodwill payment.

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