Urijah Faber determined to settle old score with former TUF rival Conor McGregor

Urijah Faber has said that he would love to set up a sparring match with Conor McGregor if the Irishman sticks around in California after his trilogy fight with Dustin Poirier.

McGregor will look to earn himself another shot at the lightweight title when he faces Poirier for a third time on Saturday night at UFC 264.

And he has been preparing in hall-of-fame fighter Urijah Faber’s home state of California for the bout, but hasn’t run into his old rival yet.

The duo coached the 22nd season of The Ultimate Fighter, and at one stage attempted to organise a behind-closed-doors sparring match, but it never materialised.

“That never did happen,” Faber told Mirror Fighting in an exclusive chat. “Maybe since Conor is in California I’ll track him down and we can get a match in.

“It was a grappling exchange, and he was throwing out that we should do a boxing exchange, I’d forgotten about that, but he’s a big strong guy and his boxing is phenomenal.

McGregor and Faber were rivals on the set of TUF 22

“Boxing would favour him, but the grappling, in my opinion, would favour me, but I’d still like to mess around with him.

“I had a great roll with [Dustin Poirier’s coach] Mike Brown at the beginning of quarantine, we were in a hotel in Las Vegas and our rooms weren’t ready.

“I hadn’t done any competition with him since I fought him in my home town and broke my hand on his head, we had a closed door grappling match it was fricking awesome.

“Yeah, I’d like to see how Conor’s grappling is, test it out, but we’re both pretty busy these days.”

The pair appeared to be at loggerheads throughout the show when the cameras were rolling, but Faber revealed that they enjoyed one memorable night out in Vegas when cameras stopped rolling.

A party scene was shot for the show, and afterwards the pair hit the town for a night of which the American doesn’t remember a great deal.

“Oh man, I’ve got some pictures of that, I don’t remember it very well but we had a good time,” Faber said when quizzed about his night on the strip with McGregor.

“To be honest, I remember it went pretty long and we had a good time, we went to a few different spots, but that was a long time ago.

“I posted a picture years later because nobody really knew [what our relationship was like]… We had a great time that night, I remember a few things but not in its entirety.”

Faber and McGregor were heated rivals, with the TUF season they coached coming on the heels of the Irishman’s interim featherweight title win over Faber’s teammate Chad Mendes.

But they have since struck up an unlikely friendship, which the American says is full of back-and-forth jibes that are all made in good fun.

“It’s just banter,” Faber explained. “But it’s very sporadic and every once in a while we’ll just chime in and say hello and talk some s*** basically through back-and-forth on Instagram.

“It’s been a kind of awkward public relationship, but Conor is a guy I like hanging out with and the banter back-and-forth is a lot of fun and I have a lot of respect for the guy.

“I would say that Conor is a friend, I think so, but not the kind of friend that you’re ever very nice too, we’re always pretty much talking s***!”

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