What we know about FIFA 22 Ultimate Team so far including revamped FUT Champions

The most popular mode in FIFA is about to get a refresh for FIFA 22, with EA confirming changes to FUT ahead of the release.

FIFA Ultimate Team was first launched as an expansion for FIFA 09, but was then included as a free standalone mode on the full game for FIFA 12, which was available on both PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. Since then, FUT has grown into one of the most popular and lucrative game modes within EA’s FIFA gaming franchise.

EA has announced that there will be some big changes to the Ultimate Team game mode in FIFA 22, including a revamp of the FUT 22 Champions Weekend League and Division Rivals competitions, the addition of FUT Heroes and enhanced customisation options.

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More information on FIFA 22, including gameplay, Career Mode, Ultimate Team, Pro Clubs and more is expected to feature in EA’s upcoming FIFA 22 EA Play Spotlight event on Tuesday, July 20 at 6pm BST.

But ahead of the event, EA has teased fans with some major FIFA 22 Ultimate Team news, that will have an impact for every FUT player.

This is everything we know so far about FIFA 22 Ultimate Team.

FIFA 22 Ultimate Team – Revamped FUT Champions and Division Rivals

EA has confirmed that the FUT Champions Weekend League, and the Division Rivals competition, will be revamped for FIFA 22 Ultimate Team.

The FUT Champions Weekend League is the most competitive game mode within FIFA Ultimate Team, where professional players are able to get verified for competitive events and players of all levels are able to earn set rewards depending on their results.

The FUT Champions Weekend league is set to be revamped in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team

The rewards on offer from competing in the FUT Champions Weekend League include coin rewards, tradeable player packs, TOTW packs and Ultimate Packs, depending on how many wins you achieve within the set time limit.

Division Rivals is a weekly competition that currently features in the FIFA 21 Ultimate Team game mode, with the competition is spli ten different divisions and each division contains players of differing playing ability, with Division 10 being the lowest and Division 1 containing the very best players on FUT 21.

Rewards for this game mode differ depending on which division you’re in and which individual rank you’ve placed in within that week.

On their official website, EA say : “FUT 22 redesigns Division Rivals and FUT Champions to create a more accessible way to test your skills and progress against other players.”

There’s no information yet about how the FUT Champions Weekend League or the Division Rivals competition are being redesigned, but this could be huge for the playing community.

FIFA 22 Ultimate Team – FUT Heroes

EA say that the FUT Heroes FIFA 22 campaign will “Celebrate some of football’s most memorable players”, with these player item stats representing the player during unforgettable moments during their footballing career.

FIFA 22 Ultimate Team will feature FUT Heroes
the FUT Heroes FIFA 22 campaign will “Celebrate some of football’s most memorable players”

FUT Heroes cards have unique league-specific chemistry, so they will provide a green club link to any player within the same league, as well as the usual nation link, with these cards not being assigned to a specific club.

EA has also confirmed the first nine FUT Heroes who will be coming to FUT 22, with more to be revealed in August.

  • Mario Gomez (Bundesliga)
  • Tim Cahill (Premier League)
  • Diego Milito (Serie A)
  • Jorge Campos (Liga BBVA MX)
  • Fernando Morientes (La Liga Santander)
  • Sami Al-Jaber (MBS Pro League)
  • Robbie Keane (Premier League)
  • Abedi Pele (Ligue 1)
  • Clint Dempsey (MLS)

Players who pre-order the FIFA 22 Ultimate Edition by August 11, 2021 will get an untradeable FUT Heroes Player from December 1, 2021.

FIFA 22 Ultimate Team – New Customisation Options

Ahead of the FIFA 22 EA Play Spotlight event, EA has also confirmed that new customisation options will be coming to FUT 22.

On their official website, EA say: “Even more ways to make your club your own with new depths of customisation both on and off the pitch.”

You can already upgrade your stadium, change themes and colours of the stadium, choose custom kits and badges and much more, but it looks like FUT 22 players will be able to do much more than this in FIFA 22. Exactly how much more customisation we can expect is yet to be revealed, but it’s exciting news nonetheless.

FIFA 22 will be released worldwide on Friday, October 1, 2021, with the game available to pre-order now on Xbox, PlayStation, PC and Stadia.

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