When will Lukaku make his Chelsea debut? It’s bad news for Arsenal…

But he will be available to train from Monday so long as he provides a negative test.

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He said: “Unfortunately, we are not fast enough to let him play on Wednesday or at least on Saturday, because Romelu is still in quarantine and following the protocols. He will be out on Monday doing the whole training with us next week and will play for us against Arsenal. This is the plan.

“We always try to do it as fast as possible and the sooner the better. If we could have wished for something, he would have been maybe on the pitch and available for even for Wednesday. But the sooner the better, because every game counts and we are happy.

“I’m more happy than sad now, because it’s what I demand from myself to adapt to this situation. We managed to get a big transfer of a target that we had and the profile we were searching for. And that’s why I’m grateful and happy.

“And if things if things go normally, he’ll be on the pitch against Arsenal.” 

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