Why Arteta thinks All or Nothing series could be ‘perfect’ for Arsenal


ikel Arteta has revealed he was not given a choice as to whether Amazon filmed a documentary of Arsenal this season – but he believes it could be the “perfect” year to do one.

Originally, NFL teams signed up to the fly-on-the-wall documentary series, but more recently Manchester City and Tottenham have taken part.

Arsenal will be filmed over the course of the coming season and asked if he was given a choice as to whether it was filmed or not, Arteta replied: “No.

“That’s a decision made from the club and it is with the best possible interests for the football club. We need to help as much as possible.”

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The Spaniard, however, does not necessarily believe it will be a bad thing for Arsenal to let the cameras in.

The club are currently going through a rebuilding phase as they look to get back into European football this season.

Arteta believes it could be the “perfect year” to let the cameras in and a chance for the club to show off their values.

“I experienced that a few years ago when I was at Man City,” he said.

“We are going to help as much as possible, for everybody to see what this club means and how things are done at the football club, be as transparent as we can to show the values, integrity, passions and where we are trying to drive this football club.

“Hopefully it is a perfect year to show that. We need to make it happen. It is down to us to try to produce the best piece that we can, so everybody can feel part of what we do and our fans can be proud of what we do.

“While they (Amazon) are here we are going to try to be us. We will not try to be somebody else. We will try to be us and show what we do. That’s it.”

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