BlackBerry says it’s virtualised macOS for M1 on an x86 CPU

Apple’s software supremo Craig Federighi on Wednesday condemned the security of macOS in an astonishing attempt to defend the walled garden that is the iOS App Store.

It’s the latest twist in the ongoing Epic v Apple bench trial in which Cupertino is accused of illegally monopolizing app distribution and payments for iPhones and iPads. Federighi took the stand to argue that because Apple does not control the availability of software on macOS to the extent that it controls what applications are available from its iOS Store, Macs suffer as a consequence. He said the level of malware on Macs is unacceptable, and criticized the security protections in the desktop operating system.

The point, apparently, being that Apple needs to maintain and gatekeep its one and only iOS app store so that iPhone owners don’t suffer like Mac users. And yes, that one and only app store needs to set standards and rules. One such rule is that Apple takes a cut of app purchases and in-app purchases, which is what Epic is suing over: it wants to handle payments without Apple’s involvement, and if that involves distributing its iOS apps itself, so be it. iOS, unless jailbroken, generally speaking only accepts applications from Apple’s official store, though.

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