BT’s Plusnet: Email outage ongoing for third day

Customers of BT tentacle Plusnet are still finding themselves without email after issues with the service entered a third day.

Problems kicked off on 10 November, according to the status page, when the internet service provider said: “Some customers may be experiencing difficulties when logging into their Plusnet email account.”

It took much of the day, but by mid-afternoon the company proudly told customers: “We’ve identified what the problem is and are now completing work to fix this as quickly as possible.” Everything, it said, should be back to normal by the following morning.

Except they weren’t. Although Plusnet reckoned customers should have been able to log into their email as 11 November rolled around, “they may experience a delay when sending and receiving emails.”

And so it went on. As of midday today, more than two days after complaints were first reported, some customers continued to find themselves unable to log in and most are still suffering delays in send and receive.

A reminder of the interconnectedness of internet providers came earlier from UK retailer John Lewis, apologising on behalf of Plusnet:

Register readers also weighed in. Mike Barwise, an information risk expert, reported being unable to send email over SMTP since Wednesday. Another ruefully commented: “It seems that the days of free email as a perk from your ISP are rapidly ending.”

With all varieties of email connectivity wobbling (Plusnet has advised users to use an alternative client to get at their email, which hasn’t gone down too well), it appears the service will end the week on its knees as its customers fume.

We contacted Plusnet for an explanation of what had befallen the service and why it is taking so long to recover, but have yet to receive a reply. Hopefully there aren’t any, er, email problems at HQ.

In the meantime, users continue to fret despite the company’s assurances that it is pulling itself back upright. ®

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