Got three weeks to spare? You could deploy the supercomputer you’ve always dreamed of

Webcast We all have problems, so wouldn’t it be great if we could all apply a supercomputer to cracking them?

But for many organisations, including big businesses, that’s simply out of reach. It’s not always the cost that’s the problem, but the fact that deployment takes months, at least, and businesses need results. Fast. Which is why Nvidia’s SuperPOD DGX Solution for Enterprise architecture is so revolutionary, not just for traditional supercomputer users, but for mainline businesses.

SuperPOD lays down a standard reference architecture, based on how the chip giant runs its own Selene datacentre, and covers processing, graphics, software frameworks, networking and services, while giving users a choice when it comes to certified storage. Yes, it delivers 100 to 700 PFLOPs, but the big promise is the ability to get a supercomputer up and running in three weeks as opposed to, well, how long have you got?

So, what are the practicalities of bringing SuperPOD to bear on business computing problems? And how do you ensure you’re making the right choices, particularly when it comes to storage? And, c’mon, can you really get one up and running in three weeks?

You can find out the answers to these, and a host of other questions, by tuning in to our upcoming webcast Build a Supercomputer in Three Weeks on January 27 at 0900 PT (1100 ET, 1600 GMT).

We’ll be deploying our regular host Tim Phillips, who can solve problems with just three seconds of notice, to lead the debate. Tim will be joined by supercomputing veterans James Coomer from DDN, and Matt Dubell and Yoni Malchi from WWT, which is a certified partner of both Nvidia and HPC storage specialists DDN.

They’ll take you through how to spec out and deploy supercomputing in a business environment and talk you through the impact SuperPOD has on all of this. They also give you highly practical guidance on how you should approach the issue of storage when it comes to SuperPOD.

If you’ve every wondered what it would be like to apply supercomputing to business problems or have worked with supercomputers and can’t quite get your heads around this – relatively – instant deployment promise, you should really tune in.

All you need to do is click here to register, and we’ll do the rest, including reminding you on the day.

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