Is your data safe in the cloud? Depends who you ask…

Webcast What’s the biggest mistake you can make when it comes to protecting your data in the cloud? Probably assuming that it’s protected just because it’s in the cloud.

Yes, you may well have an SLA with your cloud provider – more than one if you’ve gone down the multi-cloud route. But chances are that while it says a lot about access to your applications, clauses about protecting your data might be conspicuous by their absence. Which is what your data could be should anything go wrong.

So, if your data is bouncing between on-prem, SaaS and cloud native, you have to make sure your data protection strategy that does the same.

So where do you start with all this? Well, how about by joining our upcoming webcast, Resiliency at the Point of Data, on June 8, at 0900 PDT (1200 EDT).

Proceedings will be overseen by our own, irrepressible Tim Phillips. He’ll be joined by Rubrik’s Bill Gurling and Louis Ferreira, both of whom know more than a thing or two about building systems that protect your information.

They’ll lay out the guide ropes for modern data management, wherever your data and workloads happen to be.

This includes how you can streamline protection in hybrid and multi-cloud environments, and how to make cloud-native applications resilient from the get go.

And they’ll show you what to look for when it comes to finding a single platform that ticks all the boxes on data control, and consolidated management.

All you need to do is register here. We’ll set a reminder to nudge on the day, and best of all, we’ll set you and your data on the path to a more resilient future.

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