Microsoft gives Notepad app a minimalist makeover

Microsoft has released an update for its venerable Notepad text editor.

Dave Grochocki, principal program manager lead for Windows Inbox Apps wrote that Microsoft’s favorite feature is a new Dark Mode.

“This has been a top community ask, and we hope you love this gorgeous new theme as much as we do,” Grochocki beamed, explaining that you can enable and fiddle with fonts on a new settings page. Notepad will also, erm, note your preferred system theme and adopt Dark Mode if you’re already doing so elsewhere.

The Dark Side of Notepad. And the light.

Click to enlarge.

Other new features include “a redesigned find and replace experience” and, for all you CTRL-Z freaks out there, multi-level undo.

The app’s also been brought up to date with Windows 11 GUI styling.

Windows Insiders can access the Notepad update in the Dev Channel. Microsoft warns it’s a bit rough and “under certain circumstances, you may notice unexpected behavior when using shift-click to select text or when scrolling.”

Stay tuned for future releases that fix up those issues, but perhaps don’t expect further new features. Microsoft has not hinted at any more upgrade plans. Which is good – Notepad is a text editor and doesn’t need complications. That’s what Word is for. ®

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