Six months after Oracle trumpeted Zoom as a cloud customer, AWS says it’s Zoom’s ‘preferred’ cloud

Amazon Web Services has announced it is now videoconferencing darling Zoom’s “preferred” cloud.

“The multi-year agreement extends the longstanding relationship between the two companies, enabling Zoom to rapidly scale its service on the world’s leading cloud,” says Amazon’s canned statement.

“AWS has supported Zoom since 2011, and earlier this year when the COVID-19 pandemic began impacting businesses, schools, and governments around the world, Zoom expanded its relationship with AWS,” the statement continues. “Over the past year, Zoom has grown on AWS to accommodate an increase from 10 million daily meeting participants in December 2019 to more than 300 million a day regularly since April 2020.”

No, your correspondent has not returned to the office after long pre-Christmas lunch and decided he can get away with cutting and pasting press releases.

We offer the above quotes because just over six months ago, on April 28th, Oracle announced that it was running Zoom in its clouds.

Big Red’s statement that included the following verbiage:

So superior, in fact, that six months later Zoom decided its best friend in the cloud is AWS. Oracle is just some other cloud it uses from time to time.

Indeed, after the April announcement AWS CEO Andy Jassy was quoted as saying “most” of Zoom is in AWS and will be for the conceivable future.

And of course, AWS let this be known on the eve of its re:invent conference.

Oracle has its own shot across AWS’ bows coming to try and spoil that party. Keep an eye on The Register for that news. ®

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