Sky to fix clock bug this week

Sky+ set-top boxes have failed to set themselves back an hour after the UK stumbled from British Summer Time to Greenwich Mean Time last weekend.

The problem showed up on Sky’s forums as confused viewers noted the clock on their screens had not changed.

While at Christmas, kids might hope for a visit from Santa, The Reg news desk this morning joked that Sky+ users get a twice yearly visit from a wrinkly old Australian to change their clocks. But this time (metaphorical) Rupert did not show.

The Register has contacted Sky, but we are yet to receive a response.

The good news is that, according to Sky (and going by our own experience), even if the clock is wrong, recordings should continue working regardless. It will, however, take a while for the media giant to correct the whoopsie. An update is due to be pushed out to affected boxes in the early hours of Wednesday and Thursday.

In recent years, humans were oft spared the task of figuring out how to change the time on every bit of kit in their homes as increasingly clever devices do the job themselves. Not keen on smart gadgets? You’ll just have to resign yourself to six months of the clock being wrong as punishment for not bothering to RTFM, at least as far as the oven is concerned.

However, automation can go a bit awry, as some Canadian iPhone users apparently discovered this week when their phones failed to tell the right time and brought an end to Daylight Savings Time a week early .

After all, not all countries use the same date for daylight savings (and some don’t bother with the practice at all.) Thank heavens, therefore, for the Time Zone Database, which, despite some recent ructions, continues to make a good fist of keeping track of all the offsets and zones around the world.

Sky+, when it debuted with novelties such as rewinding live TV, must have seemed like something from the future for eager customers. Now, thanks to a daylight savings SNAFU, it really is. ®

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