Wave of AMD EPYCS and updated Xeons wash up at DigitalOcean

Cloud contender DigitalOcean has upgraded its cloud, adding AMD CPUs, and adopting Intel’s latest Xeon Scalable silicon.

Like all public clouds, DigitalOcean offers cloudy VMs optimised for different workloads. But the new CPUs mean the service now offers standard and “Premium” VMs, or “Droplets” as the company chooses to call them.

Standard Droplets run either first-generation Intel Xeon Scalable CPUs, or even older Xeons.

The new Premium Droplets pack either a second-gen Xeon Gold 6248 at 2.5 GHz with bursting to 3.9 GHz or a second-gen EPYC 7702Pthat cruises at 2.0 GHz and redlines at 3.5GHz.

Money falling from the sky

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Premium Droplets also include NVMe drives.

DigitalOcean recommends the new instances as suitable for either normal VMs or as worker nodes for its own Kubernetes service.

Adding new Xeons and EPYCs doesn’t bring DigitalOcean anywhere near parity with the smorgasbord of instance types offered by the likes of AWS, Azure or Google. But that smaller menu is the way DigitalOcean likes it, as the company feels fewer choices suit developers and smaller businesses that want scale without complexity.

Pricing for the Premium Droplets is 20 percent higher than standard offerings. ®

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