Why stick with one legacy database when you could have 15 in the cloud?

Webcast Does your tech strategy involve analytics, e-commerce, machine learning or even AI? Great, you’re probably going to need all of those in the future.

Now, where’s the data you’re going to use to power all of this? Because, let’s face it, if it’s resting in a legacy on-prem database, or even self-managed in the cloud, you’re going to struggle to find the time or budget to kick start all that “innovation”.

And while it’s easy to say that unlocking the value of data is central to innovation, that’s going to be difficult when everything about your data infrastructure screams “tedious, time consuming, or unnecessarily expensive”.

But if you like the idea of pouring your data into a full range of database engines, all fully managed in the cloud, you should join our upcoming webcast, Migrating to AWS Databases, on July 7 at 0800 PDT (1100 EDT, 1600 BST.)

Our own Tim Phillips, who has transformed himself many times over, will be joined by AWS’s Doug Flora, who is intimately familiar with the problems of traditional data infrastructure, as well as the 15 plus database engines AWS offers.

Together, they’ll dive deep into the problems of legacy data infrastructure, pinpointing exactly how sticking with your almost 20th century setup is holding you back.

They’ll also talk through what AWS’ alternatives can deliver, whether your focus is on eliminating admin overheads, unleashing innovation, security, or all the above.

And, because no data transition should be taken lightly, they’ll take an indepth look at the available tools, and services, for migration and optimization.

Sound good? Course it does. To register just click here and drop in your details. It could be your first step towards a far more innovative, and much less tedious, data future.

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