With piles of data and files to juggle, have you considered cognitive search?

Promo When you’re constantly told that data is your organisation’s most precious resource, it’s natural to want to gather as much of it as you can, to hoard it, keep it safe. But all that data is meaningless unless you and your colleagues have the tools to make sense of it.

That’s partly a question of ensuring it doesn’t remain inaccessible, locked up and siloed. But, even when you’ve created a single ocean of data, you still need the right tools to organise, navigate and make sense of it.

This has always been a challenge for data rich, knowledge poor organisations, but today’s Cognitive Search platforms are leveraging the promise of AI and Natural Language Understanding to draw on all of an organisation’s data, whether it lives in databases, file systems or collaboration platforms.

But there is a world of difference between a platform that delivers a pile of results but leaves users to tease out their own insights and choose the best answers, and today’s state of the art systems that drill down into the “intent” of the query before producing answers that are precise, relevant, and insightful. The best intelligence search platforms will use NLP to tune out the “noise” delivering clean and enriched information, which will form the foundation for high-end analytics and machine learning.

Throw in the effect of tuning, the ability to scale, and the choice of on-prem or cloud-based options, and there’s a lot of questions you need to answer before you can start those queries.

Luckily, our friends at Sinequa, leader in cognitive search, are giving you the opportunity to download this Forrester Wave report on Cognitive Search, which examines the market’s 13 most significant providers.

Forrester benchmarks them against 26 criteria, including data, intelligence, development, scope and architecture, and takes into account their current offerings, operations, and scope as well as strategy, and market presence.

It also identifies each offering’s specific sweet spots, including the industries or verticals they particularly excel in, and highlights how far you can customise it to your own specific needs.

So, if you’re an application development and delivery pro with particularly complex, high value requirements, you’ll be able to quickly identify the leaders, strong performers, and contenders, and work out exactly what’s going to work for you.

All you need to do is head to the registration page, drop in your details, and download the report. Then, before you know it, the answers will start falling into place.

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