Yes you’ve got lots of data…but have you got lots of information? And is anyone using it?

Promo You know you’ve got lots of data resting in your systems. But how much of it is usable information, that your colleagues can actually put to work?

And come to think of it, exactly how many of your colleagues have access to this richness of data?

There are many good reasons why organisations might be reticent about sharing data and information, and many of them will include words like legal, regulatory, compliance and risk.

But you can take protection too far. Unless you’re presenting that data to the people who actually need it, data is not delivering value, which means you should be thinking about an enterprise strength content management system.

And if this is making you think that yes, you could really be doing much with your information, you should head over to this site, courtesy of Micro Focus. You’ll find some very useful background on the principles behind modern information governance and examples of how real world organisations are turning their data into useful information for more staff.

You can also find out about Micro Focus’ Content Manager, which is the enterprise content management system of choice for organisations who have lots of interesting – but often sensitive – information they need to both distribute and protect. The sort of information that is needed by people with “cabinet” responsibilities or chief at the beginning of their job title.

Content Manager Select is the subscription version of Micro Focus’ long-established content management platform. But it brings a few really important changes. First of all, a one or three year subscription model makes purchasing much easier.

Support and maintenance is also simplified – it’s all included in the one price. And it’s cloud ready, so it’s your choice whether to host on prem or via a partner.

But most importantly, it now includes free and unlimited inquiry user (read only) licenses, so all your users can log in and carry out unlimited searches for the content they need to do their jobs. All without incurring additional licensing or support charges.

And just to complete the picture, Content Manager’s lineup of eight additional modules, from auto-classification to OCR to storage optimisation, are now included in the subscription, which means you can make your data, records, information and documents more widely available, and you be sure you’re managing it all better than ever.

So, what are you waiting for? The sooner you start turning data into information, the sooner your colleagues will thank you.

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