ANDREW PIERCE: Smitten by the sultry tones of Mrs Thatcher!

ANDREW PIERCE: Smitten by the sultry tones of Mrs Thatcher!

Margaret Thatcher was seen by some as an unlikely sex symbol

The former French President Francois Mitterrand famously said of the Iron Lady Margaret Thatcher: ‘She has the eyes of Caligula and the mouth of Marilyn Monroe.’

Now it emerges that he was not alone in seeing her as an unlikely sex symbol.

Mrs Thatcher has a starring role in the new book Unmasking Our Leaders: Confessions Of A Political Documentary Maker, by the celebrated former Panorama reporter Michael Cockerell.

Cockerell, who interviewed Thatcher three times, asked her during one election campaign how many Margaret Thatchers there really were.

She replied in a deep, husky voice: ‘There are three at least — the intellectual one, the intuitive one and the one at home.’

Thatcher, who had vocal training to lower her pitch, spoke in such a throaty, seductive voice that Robin Day, the celebrated BBC interrogator who was watching in the studio, remarked off camera: ‘This is the untold story of Margaret Thatcher’s election campaign. She is having an affair with Michael Cockerell.’

After Joe Biden won the Presidential election last November, Labour MP Chris Bryant tweeted: ‘I’m proud I nominated Joe Biden for the Nobel Peace Prize. His Zen-like calm is going to be vital now, calming the troubled waters, binding the nation’s wounds and strengthening the international rules-based order.’

After the chaos of the Afghan collapse, does he still think Biden is Nobel Laureate material? 

C4 boss: I won’t move to Leeds

Ministers planning to privatise Channel 4 were unimpressed when chief executive Alex Mahon opened the broadcaster’s new Leeds HQ — and promptly said that, of course, she wouldn’t be moving to Yorkshire.

‘This is not about where I live,’ she said. ‘The most important thing is where we are spending the money and what viewers see on screen.’

Channel 4 boss Alex Mahon will not be moving to Yorkshire

Channel 4 boss Alex Mahon will not be moving to Yorkshire

She added that the new base had ‘made people reconsider the old prejudice that you can only run a media career if you stay in London’.

But Islington to Ilkley is still a step too far for the liberal media boss class.

Overheard in the Commons bar… ‘Marcus Rashford and Maro Itoje [the sportsmen] couldn’t tell Education Secretary Gavin Williamson and Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab apart, as all incompetent government ministers look the same.’

When Boris Johnson reshuffles his lacklustre Cabinet, will he correct one glaring omission?

His current team is the first Cabinet not to have included a single openly gay or lesbian minister since Tony Blair’s election landslide in 1997.

This at a time when there are more gay MPs in the Commons than ever before: 56 out of 650. And what’s more, 24 of them sit on the Tory benches. Are none of them Cabinet material?

When Labour’s social care spokeswoman Liz Kendall was asked three times for her solution to the care crisis last week, she failed to provide an answer. She could have cited the solution she advocated in 2018 — but that might have caused red faces. Then, her suggestion was a national insurance rise: the very policy Labour MPs were ordered to vote against last week.

The Goodies? Such baddies!

Classic 1970s comedy series The Goodies has become the latest victim of politically correct TV killjoys.

Streaming platform BritBox is allowing viewers to see ‘selected episodes’ of the madcap show (pictured) but has slapped on a warning that they contain ‘language, imagery and attitudes of the period that may offend’. 

They are also hilarious, unlike many of today’s woke so-called comedies.

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