ANDREW PIERCE: Suspend your disbelief, Keir… Jeremy Corbyn is back 

With Jeremy Corbyn at the helm, Labour suffered its worst defeat since 1935 at the last General Election.

Corbyn, whose hard-Left politics made Karl Marx seem like a liberal, was suspended from the Parliamentary Labour Party by his successor, Sir Keir Starmer.

The exile came after Corbyn claimed that anti-Semitism in the party during the five years he was leader had been ‘dramatically overstated’.

Jeremy Corbyn, the former Labour leader, led the party to its worst defeat since 1935 before being suspended by his successor. He was a guest speaker at the launch of Islington Labour’s local election campaign over the weekend

This flew in the face of a report by the Equalities and Human Rights Commission, which concluded that there were ‘serious failings’ of leadership in his handling of anti-Semitism within Labour.

So it was a surprise to learn that Corbyn appeared to be back in the bosom of the party at the weekend. He was a guest speaker at the launch of Islington Labour’s local election campaign.

An Islington MP since 1983, he may have to run as an Independent at the next election. Just what was he doing at the launch? And what is Starmer going to do about it? Nothing would be my guess.

When Maxwell’s number was up

The late former Labour MP, Daily Mirror publisher and fraudster Robert Maxwell took no chances during the IRA’s bombing campaign in London. He had a Rolls-Royce with a distinctive number plate, which he took off the car.

A photographer asked him why he had removed it. Maxwell replied: ‘Because of terrorists. They could trace my vehicle.’

So what had he done with it? As former Mirror Industrial Editor Terry Pattinson reveals in his new book Scoop, Maxwell told him: ‘I have put it on my wife’s car.’ What a gent!

Labour is outraged by the Government’s decision to privatise Channel 4. Tory peer Daniel Hannan demolished the argument that the sale will jeopardise its role broadcasting cultural gems.

In the Lords he listed some of the channel’s offerings, including Kitchen Nightmares and Steph’s Packed Lunch, saying: ‘Is it really credible to say we are defending something which could not be provided by the private sector?’ The short answer is No.

On the day the National Insurance hike kicked in, on the Tory Party website was the manifesto boast: ‘We will not raise the rate of income tax, National Insurance or VAT.’ Minutes after the blunder was on the Guido Fawkes website, the promise was hastily deleted.

At a Lunch4Ukraine event, ex-Tory MP Gyles Brandreth was overheard discussing a proposed TV show featuring another ex-MP: ‘You know who I mean by Ann Widdecombe? The curious cross between Danny DeVito and Margaret Rutherford.’

After President Zelensky’s emotional speech to the UN, Dr David Starkey poses a serious question.

‘Do you remember the part played by the Secretary General of the United Nations in trying to resolve the Ukraine crisis? Do you even remember his name?’ he writes in The Critic magazine.

‘I had to look up both.’ It is ex-PM of Portugal Antonio Guterres. Starkey added: ‘His attempt to stop the Russian invasion has consisted of a couple of statements delivered from the safety of the UN’s opulent HQ in New York.’

Peer’s Tears with a Prince 

As the first black man to head an Oxbridge college, Simon Woolley has risen far from his Leicester council estate upbringing.

The founder of Operation Black Vote in 1996, he was made a life peer in 2019 and last year became principal of Homerton College at Cambridge University.

Simon Woolley has risen far from his Leicester council estate upbringing

Simon Woolley has risen far from his Leicester council estate upbringing

In his new autobiography Soar, Lord Woolley, right, who was given up for adoption as a child, describes going to Barbados in November for a ceremony to mark its republican status. He joined Prince Charles to meet the island’s prime minister, Mia Mottley, at the country’s National Archives.

Staff had laid out the records relating to his birth mother, and Woolley was overwhelmed. ‘I was with the PM and the future King,’ he recalls. ‘I had tears in my eyes.’

Married Tory MP David Warburton, at the centre of sordid sex-and-cocaine sting allegations, is a member of high-IQ society Mensa. They must be letting in idiots, too, nowadays.

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