Birmingham man who murdered wife and neighbour is jailed for life

A jealous husband who murdered his wife after wrongly accusing her of having an affair before stabbing their next door neighbour to death has today been jailed for life.

Property developer Tamer Moustafa, 40, flew into a cocaine-fuelled rage before murdering mother-of-four Nelly, 43, when she threatened to leave him.

He then went next door and butchered their 52-year-old neighbour Zahida Bi – who was the wife of Nelly’s alleged new lover.

The allegations of cheating were completely unfounded before the brutal double stabbing took place on March 16 this year, a court heard.

Both women had been stabbed over 80 times. 

Nelly Moustafa

Tamer Moustafa, 40, has been jailed for life after savagely murdering his wife, mother-of-four Nelly (righ), and next door neighbour 

Moustafa had sent his two oldest sons to work and took the two younger ones to school before he returned to their marital home in Moseley, Birmingham on March 16.

Just after 11am he called emergency services and said he had killed his wife ‘because she was a f*****g w***e’ then went outside to wait for police and lit a cigarette.

In the next few minutes, he went next door and stabbed the wife of the man he wrongly believed his wife to be having an affair with.

Police and paramedics discovered Mrs Moustafa with multiple knife wounds inside the property and she was pronounced dead at the scene.

Mrs Bi was found next door in a pool of blood and rushed to hospital where she died from her injuries. 

Moustafa was charged with both murders and during his trial claimed he was suffering from a delusional disorder.

But a jury did not accept his plea to manslaughter on the grounds of diminished responsibility and he was found guilty of both murders.

Ibrahim Moustafa, the killer’s son, told the court his mother, ‘was the reason for us to smile after a long day.’

He added: ‘Tamer had abandoned us long before he murdered our mum. The lives of our mum and Mrs Bi were taken in such a violent way. We hope he gets what he deserves.’

Mohammed Usman, a nephew of Mrs Bi, said: ‘My auntie was lying on the floor covered in blood. The nightmare has not left me.

‘I try to keep my mind busy. What if I could have come out the bathroom earlier? Could I have saved her? What this man had done has destroyed our family and our lives.’

Kahsif Mahmood, Mrs Bi’s brother, added: ‘My sister was a wonderful person. She was a loving mother to her two boys. All she wanted to do was take care of her children. We struggle every day to cope with her passing.

‘There is a gaping hole in our hearts. I wonder what was going through her mind when she was mercilessly attacked.

‘I wish I could have been there to protect her and take her place. I am left with a lifetime of regret.’ 

Police and forensics at the scene in Moseley, Birmingham after the killing in March

Police and forensics at the scene in Moseley, Birmingham after the killing in March 

During the trial, prosecutor Peter Glenser QC said the defendant was angry after the couple had discussed separating just days earlier.

Moustafa had also wrongly accused his partner of sleeping with his father as well as cheating with Mrs Bi’s husband next door.

Mr Glenser said: ‘Tamer irrationally accused her of being unfaithful. He accused her of sleeping with his father and the husband of the next door neighbour.

‘He believed his wife was being unfaithful with the neighbours husband and with his own father.

‘That belief is totally unfounded. There is no truth to it. His belief in her infidelity is delusional.

‘He was, we say, a controlling man who limited his wife’s freedom. He couldn’t accept his wife was leaving.

‘After he had killed her in a drug-addled state, still angry and knowing he was wrong because he had confessed to her murder, he ran next door and killed Zabida Bi.’

Moustafa was arrested and taken to hospital complaining of chest pains – having consumed a large amount of cocaine – but did not require treatment. 

Today Moustafa was sentenced to life imprisonment, to serve a minimum of 30 years at Birmingham Crown Court.

Judge Melbourne Inman QC told the killer: ‘For many years you have had delusional beliefs that Nellie was unfaithful to you.

‘At about 11am you savagely murdered her. The attack was extremely savage and brutal. You continued attacking her.’ 

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