Boris Johnson brands Vladimir Putin ‘evil’ over Ukraine invasion

Boris Johnson said Vladimir Putin‘s actions in Ukraine made him ‘evil’ while speaking at the NATO Summit in Madrid on Wednesday.

‘I think that what he has done is evil,’ the Prime Minister told GB News, speaking with presenter Darren McCaffrey.

Asked if he would describe Putin himself as evil, the Prime Minister responded: ‘I think it probably follows that if you are what you do, then certainly.’

‘It’s been an appalling act of unwarranted aggression against an innocent population,’ he added. ‘It’s very rare in life, in politicians, in diplomacy that you see something that is absolutely black and white, something so clear.’

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The Prime Minister has compared supporting Russia to a decision between ‘good and evil’, but had previously stopped short of using that language to describe Putin himself.

He said the UK had to work on addressing the attitudes of countries which were more ambivalent about Putin’s actions.

Boris Johnson called Putin ‘evil’ for his actions in Ukraine at the NATO Summit in Madrid. ‘It’s been an appalling act of unwarranted aggression against the innocent population,’ said the Prime Minister, speaking  to GB News’ Darren McCaffrey, pictured

‘We need to explode some myths’, he said. ‘It’s not the sanctions that are causing food prices to go up, as Putin tells Africa, Asian and Latin American nations. There’s nothing to stop Putin exporting food, exporting fertilizer, it is what he is doing to stop grain coming out of Ukraine.’

He also attacked the idea that NATO had encroached on Russia by expanding its borders.

‘There was never any chance that missiles were going to be stationed [in Ukraine],’ Johnson added. ‘It’s a complete myth. This is an act of absolutely unprovoked aggression.’

Defence Secretary Ben Wallace previously described Putin a ‘lunatic’ and said he has ‘small man syndrome’ – suggesting his decision-making is influenced by his short stature relative to other world leaders.

Johnson has also previously called the Russian leader’s behaviour an example of ‘toxic masculinity’.

The statement comes only days after Putin launched a brutal attack in Ukraine that appeared only to target civilians.

Desperate relatives of missing victims of the Ukrainian shopping mall attack appealed for help in finding their loved ones on Monday.

Among those at the scene asking passers-by for information was Ihor Ivakhenko whose girlfriend Tatyana Brigadirenko was working at the Amstor mall when it was hit in a Russian missile strike.

At least 18 people are feared to have died, including 11 who were discovered in a toy shop. But more than 40 remained unaccounted for last night.

Lists of the missing have been pinned up at a police station and relatives have left messages at the site of the attack in the central city of Kremenchuk.

Several workers at Comfy, a household appliances store, were still missing last night, including Elena Poliakova.

Devastation: The mall in flames. At least 18 people are feared to have died, including 11 who were discovered in a toy shop

Devastation: The mall in flames. At least 18 people are feared to have died, including 11 who were discovered in a toy shop

Still missing: Sofia Vinnik

Shopper: Anna Vovnenko

Still missing: Sofia Vinnik (Left) and Shopper: Anna Vovnenko (Right)

Meeting: Alyona Velichko

At work: Elena Poliakova

Meeting: Alyona Velichko (Left) and At work: Elena Poliakova (Right)

Another Amstor employee, Sofia Vinnik, 21, was known to have been at work. Other appeals were made on social media, including for Anna Vovnenko, who was with her mother when the missiles hit.

Her mother is now in hospital among about 50 people injured. Another appeal, for Alyona Velichko, 44, said she was going to meet a friend near the mall.

As many as 1,000 people were feared to have been inside when it was hit. Yesterday Ukrainian president Volodymr Zelensky denounced Russia’s actions as ‘one of the most daring terrorist attacks in European history’.

Russia has accused Ukraine of staging the attack.

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