Covid-19 was the leading cause of death in England in November

Covid was November’s biggest killer: Official figures reveal coronavirus was to blame for 18% of all fatalities in England last month – as interactive map reveals the pandemic death toll in YOUR area

  • Office for National Statistics report reveals coronavirus deaths last month hit 8,686 in England 
  • This was the third highest monthly total so far, following 28,000 in April and 11,000 in May
  • Almost twice as many people killed as second highest cause of death, dementia and Alzheimer’s 
  • In Wales the 726 deaths were the second highest, after 1,400 in April – making November worse than May
  • People in the most deprived areas of England are three times more likely to die of coronavirus


Covid-19 was the number one cause of death in England and Wales last month, with one in every six deaths caused by the coronavirus, and it has been the second biggest killer in 2020 so far.

An Office for National Statistics report today revealed that 18 per cent of people who died in November had Covid-19, which was higher than for any other single illness for only the second time since the pandemic began.

May was the last time Covid killed more people than anything else.

Dementia and Alzheimer’s disease, categorised together, are the only illness to have caused more death than Covid-19 this year. They remain the top cause of death and have been since 2015.

A total of 8,686 people died of Covid-19 in November in England, the ONS said, while the total number who died with it – some had their main cause of death listed as something else – was 9,867.

Although this total is the highest since the spring, it is less than a third of the 28,013 people who died of Covid-19 in April at the peak of the second wave. Second worst was May, when 11,406 were killed by the virus, with November third.

For Wales, November was worse than May and had 726 deaths compared to 599 – though it remained lower than April’s 1,368. Cases are still rocketing in Wales, with the per-person rate doubling in the past month, suggesting the country could be heading for a second wave comparable to its first if infections aren’t brought under control.

The data show that people living in low income areas are three times more likely to die of Covid-19 than those in the wealthiest parts of the country.

Coronavirus was the leading cause of death in England by a significant margin, accounting for more deaths than it has in any month since May, Office for National Statistics figures show

Today’s ONS report showed that the number of people dying of Covid-19 was 82 per cent higher than the second biggest cause of death, dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.

Dementia has consistently been the biggest killer in England since 2015, ONS data show, when it took over from heart disease. 

This year has upended that trend, with coronavirus killing tens of thousands of people – many of whom have also had dementia, which has forced the dementia figures down to below average at the same time.

Coronavirus has only been the top cause of death three times this year, during the peak in April and May and again last month at the height of the second wave. 


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