Covid cases fell by 4% in England last week with one in 80 people infected, official data shows

Covid cases fell by 4% in England last week but one in 80 people were infected at any given time, official data shows

  • England had 698,100 people infected with the virus on any given day last week, according to the ONS
  • This was down slightly from 726,700 people in the previous seven-day spell
  • It comes after Britain yesterday recorded the highest daily number of Covid cases for a month 


England’s Covid cases fell by four per cent last week according to official estimates.

Office for National Statistics figures predicted 698,100 people were infected with the virus on any day in the week to August 14 — or one in 80 people — compared to 726,700 in the previous seven-day spell.

Their estimates are based on regular and random swabbing of more than 100,000 Britons, which picks up on asymptomatic cases who do not come forward for a test.

The East of England was estimated to have seen its Covid cases rise last week, while they levelled off in London and the South East. Only three regions — East Midlands, West Midlands and North East — saw their infections fall.

Wales was the only nation to see its outbreak grow in the latest week with an estimated one in 130 people infected with the virus — 23,500 cases. Northern Ireland saw its outbreak level off at one in 130 — 35,300 — while it fell in Scotland to one in 200 — or 25,900. 

It comes after Britain’s daily Covid cases hit their highest level for a month yesterday as hospitalisations and deaths continued to tick upwards.

Department of Health bosses posted another 36,572 positive tests — up 10.6 per cent on last week’s figure. It was the biggest 24-hour count since July 22 (39,906).

Meanwhile, both hospitalisations and deaths — which lag several weeks behind cases because of how long it can take for infected patients to become severely ill — are still creping upwards.

Britain is now gearing up to dish out Covid booster jabs at the start of September, in hopes of keeping immunity high in the face of future flare-ups this autumn and winter. One SAGE expert today warned the high case numbers were ‘very worrying’ and warned ‘we just don’t really know what’s going to happen’ in the coming months.

The US yesterday confirmed all over-18s would be eligible for top-up doses, and Israel — which is currently being battered by a third wave — is already offering over-60s a third jab. There are fears that the vaccines lose potency over time, which some experts have said is part of the reason why Israel is being battered currently.

But No10’s top advisers — who met yesterday to discuss the controversial topic — have yet to make a final decision on who should get the jabs, sources say. However, Mr Javid today insisted the UK was going to have a programme and it ‘will start sometime in September’. 

One member of the expert panel the Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation (JCVI) told The Guardian: ‘The jury is still very much out on what happens.’ Another today hinted the programme would only be open to the most vulnerable adults, and said the inoculation drive could still be expanded to all over-12s. 


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