Covid was only the 24th leading cause of death in England in May, Office for National Statistics

Covid was only the 24th leading cause of death in England in May and made up fewer than 1% of all fatalities, official data shows


Twenty-three diseases and conditions killed more people than Covid in England last month and the virus was responsible for fewer than 1 per cent of all fatalities, official figures show. 

Despite the rapid rise in infections of the Indian variant in May, the Office for National Statistics found that Covid deaths continued to fall significantly during the month.

The virus claimed 355 lives in May, which was down almost 65 per cent on the toll in April, in another sign that the vaccines are providing huge protection even against the mutant strain.

The ONS said Covid was now the 24th ‘leading’ cause of death, with flu and pneumonia killing three times as many patients (1,012). Heart disease was the biggest killer in May (3,780) followed by dementia (3,711).

In total there were 35,401 deaths from all causes registered in England last month, which was 10 per cent lower than normal and the second month in a row they have been below average. 

Covid was the leading cause in just 0.9 per cent of the fatalities, accounting for about one in 110.


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