Daily Covid cases fall for NINTH day in row with today’s 39,329 infections down 5%

Daily Covid cases fall for NINTH day in row with today’s 39,329 infections down 5% in a week as deaths and admissions start to follow downward trend

  • Some 39,329 infections were posted today, a drop of 4.8% on the 41,299 infections recorded last Wednesday
  • Meanwhile hospitalisations declined 7.3% week-on-week, with 823 Britons admitted on Saturday
  • And 214 deaths were recorded across the UK’s four nations, down 1.4% in the last seven days


Daily Covid infections in Britain dropped by five per cent today, marking the ninth day in a row cases have trended downwards. 

Department of Health bosses posted another 39,329 today, a drop of 4.8 per cent on the 41,299 infections recorded last Wednesday.

And deaths and hospitalisations were down week-on-week, with a further 214 fatalities recorded and 823 Covid-Britons seeking NHS care. 

Both measurements lag two to three weeks behind the trend in cases, due to delay between a person catching Covid and becoming severely unwell.

Cases started falling naturally on October 24 — around two and a half weeks ago.

Meanwhile, 79.8 per cent of over-12s across the UK are now double jabbed, while 10.9million people have had a booster injection.

It comes amid a growing row over the Government’s ‘no jab, no job’ policy, with care home workers facing the sack tomorrow if they are not fully immunised. And the same policy has been introduced for NHS workers, who have until spring to get both doses.

Health Secretary Sajid Javid defended the stance as ‘perfectly reasonable’ and said it will reduce infection rates and protect the most vulnerable. 

But official projections suggest the rule would only spur on 20,000 of NHS workers to get vaccinated, forcing 70,000 out the door when it gets enforced in April.  

And bosses called for the deadline for care workers to be pushed to April as well, over concerns the move could kill vulnerable residents because homes would be left with ‘unsafe’ staffing levels. 

Department of Health data showed 31,541 cases were recorded in England and 3,852 were registered in Scotland, while 2,171 people tested positive in Wales and 1,765 were confirmed in Northern Ireland.  

Even though cases have only been falling for the last nine days, they have been trending downwards on every day but one since October 24. Some 52,009 cases were recorded on the most recent peak, one day earlier.

Some 9.4million positive tests have been registered across the UK since the pandemic began.

But the real infection number is many millions higher, due to the limited testing capacity at the start of the crisis and not everyone who catches the virus coming forward for a test. 

And the latest daily figures show 142,338 Covid deaths have been recorded within 28 days of a positive test since the beginning of the pandemic.

But the many more deaths will have been indirectly caused by the pandemic, with figures today showing more than 60,000 extra deaths occurred in private homes since the start of the start of the crisis. 

Meanwhile, 823 people infected with the virus sought hospital care on Saturday, down 7.3 per cent on the 888 recorded one week earlier. 

Some 39,836 first doses and 21,199 second doses were administered across the UK, meaning 50.3million over-12s have had at least one injection and 45.8million are fully immunised.

And 340,294 people came forward for their booster jab, meaning 10.9million over-50s, health workers and vulnerable Britons are triple-jabbed. 

The top-up injections, along with first jabs to 12 to 15-year-olds, are a key part of the Government’s Plan A to bring down infection levels this winter.


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