Doorbell camera catches the moment horrified woman runs over her father’s foot in her car

‘Take the brakes off!’ Doorbell camera catches the moment horrified woman runs over her father’s foot in her car

  • Niamh Taylor ran over her dad’s foot while pulling into the family’s driveway 
  • She uploaded footage of the accident to TikTok, garnering over 230,000 ‘likes’
  • The video shows the dad shouting ‘Ah, Jesus!’ before telling her to ‘roll forward’ 

This is the moment a daughter accidentally ran over her father’s foot as she pulled into the family driveway. 

The doorbell camera captured the painful incident as Niamh Taylor arrives in her small white car and her father comes out to greet her. 

But after initially stopping, the car then jolts forward and the front passenger-side wheel rolls onto his foot. 

He lets out a quiet, agonised scream, before exclaiming: ‘Ah Jesus!’ as the wheel remains on top of his foot.

Niamh turns the car back on as her father tells her to ‘take the brakes off’ and ‘keep it rolling’ as he lets out a curse.

The horrified daughter uploaded the video to TikTok on Tuesday under the username @niamhtaylor32. 

She captioned the video: ‘When the ring doorbell catches you running over your dad’s foot,’  adding: ‘Sorry dad x.’

The clip has been liked by more than 231,000 people and has received thousands of comments. 

‘You know it hurts when you can’t even shout right,’ wrote one, referencing the quiet gasp the father initially lets out. 

Another said: ‘My man screamed in lower case.’ 

He told his daughter to roll the car forward after his foot became trapped under the passenger-side wheel

‘Ah Jesus!’: A father shouts after his daughter runs over his foot before telling her to roll the car forward, with the whole incident caught on the family’s doorbell camera

Another remarked: ‘He instantly regrets that he bought that car for you.’ 

Others questioned why the daughter drove forward, as her father instructed, and did not reverse.

‘He didn’t even tell his kid to reverse, not so bright lad,’ one viewer said. 

Another added: ‘Why didn’t you just reverse it? Some people really don’t have common sense.’ 

But Niamh answered that she was on a hill so it made sense to roll forward.

She also reassured commenters that her father was ‘fine’ after the incident. 


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