Edinburgh cafe is slammed for using Peppa Pig to sell a bacon roll

‘Kid’s would be horrified to see Peppa’ Pig’s throat cut for a sandwich’: Edinburgh cafe is slammed for using much-loved children’s cartoon character to sell a bacon roll

  • Angry parents and vegan activists have slammed Gordon Street Coffee in Edinburgh for using sketches of Peppa Pig to sell bacon sandwiches 
  • Used a cartoon cow, Ermintrude, from The Magic Roundabout to advertise beef 
  • Parents said it ‘upset children’ while vegans complained it was ‘distasteful’ 

Angry parents and vegan activists have slammed an Edinburgh cafe for using pictures of Peppa Pig to sell bacon sandwiches.

Gordon Street Coffee in the centre of the Scottish capital decorated a chalkboard outside with a drawing of Peppa Pig next to a bacon sandwich in a bid to tempt customers in.  

As well as the ‘distasteful’ sketch of a cartoon pig, the cafe had also included their own rendition of The Magic Roundabout cartoon cow, Ermintrude to sell beef sandwiches. 

Despite the cafe’s attempt at a light-hearted sign, members of the public slammed the cafe – as they thought the beloved cartoon animals would draw in children and then traumatise then one they realised they were intended as food.

Animal rights group PETA led the outrage, writing: ‘Luring kids to meaty meals with cartoons of happy animals isn’t new, but it is dishonest. 

‘Kids naturally love animals, and would be horrified to see gentle pigs’ throats slit for a sandwich’.

Gordon street cafe divided opinion when Vegans and vegetarians complained about the cafe’s sign on social media thinking that children would be traumatised by the idea of their favourite cartoon being eaten

This lead many to take to social media to slam the eatery- saying the sign was ‘sick’ ‘upsetting’ and ‘dishonest’. 

One woman wrote on Twitter: ‘That’s going to make a lot of children question food. 

‘I support that but damn this is pretty sick.’

Another mother agreed adding to Edinburgh Live: ‘Even if you are not vegan or vegetarian that could be really upsetting. 

‘My kids would be absolutely traumatised if they saw that sign, it’s really not funny.’

‘That is horrid,’ added another.

‘Every kid would be upset by this – like come on, cartoon animals! Animals is bad enough without ruining the kid’s [mind] too!’ 

Twitter users couldn't agree on whether the sign was a funny way to engage customers or a thoughtless mistake that could upset children

Twitter users couldn’t agree on whether the sign was a funny way to engage customers or a thoughtless mistake that could upset children

FEMAIL have contacted Gordon Street Coffee for comment. 

It comes as a new survey revealed one in five children have no idea that steak, sausages and ham are meat.

The research conducted by vegan brand Meatless Farm of 1,000 children aged  four to 16 examined how familiar kids are with knowing where their party food comes from with the summer holidays in full swing and as reducing meat consumption comes more into the spotlight.

Despite pepperoni pizza being a popular choice for children, a third don’t know it contains meat, one fifth think sausage rolls and nuggets have no meat in them whilst two in five think pâté is meat-free. 


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